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Getting dressed each day should be easy and enjoyable, not stressful and difficult. Many women rate getting dressed each morning as one of the least enjoyable activities of the day; here at Esteem’s Boutique we want to turn this task into a positive and enjoyable experience. The key to gaining confidence from your womens fashion choices and making daily dressing a stress-free experience is three fold: 1. Know your style and what suits you, 2. Own the right basics, 3. Plan your outfits.


1.       Know your style and what suits you.

Every woman can look gorgeous and feel confident in their own skin every single day. Womens fashion can be a great confidence builder, when you feel attractive in what you are wearing you exude confidence and a positive energy. The key to this confidence is to know your body type and understand the styles and silhouettes that look best on you. The main body shapes are hourglass, pear, apple and slender. Our website allows you to view the styles that suit each body type, click the links below to learn more about each shape and how to dress to flatter your body type. 

Dressing an hourglass shaped body type

Dressing a pear shaped body type

Dressing an apple shaped body type

Dressing a slender shaped body type


2.       Own the right basics

Basics will make or break a wardrobe. They are the difference between easy, hassle free dressing or a stressful and negative experience each morning. Investing in great basics will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Flattering, stylish wonens basics form the base of every great wardrobe, once you own the right basics you can keep your wardrobe fresh and modern by adding a few on trend womens fashion pieces each season.

Every wardrobe needs the following basics: 

  • Well fitting undergarments in black, white and tan
  • Black and white tees and tops
  • A well fitting pair of jeans
  • Flattering pairs of pants in black and white
  • Black and tan heels and flats

 Esteem’s Boutique have a great range of womens wardrobe essentials, these basics have been carefully selected for their quality, fit, versatility and value for money.  Shop our womens basics range here!


3.       Plan your outfits

If you’re the kind of person who finds daily dressing a stressful task the best piece of advice we can offer is to plan your outfits each season. At the beginning of each season take some time to look at your wardrobe and create outfits. Identify which pants go with which tops, what jewellery, scarves and shoes suit each outfit. Once you’ve created your favourite outfit combinations, lay them out on your bed, grab your phone and photograph each one. This way your phone can now be an easy reference to find styled outfits each day. This process will also help you identify what your wardrobe is lacking. Create a shopping list and next time you are at the shops or browsing your favourite fashion websites you’ll be able to shop with purpose.


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